Is it worth buying furniture in Indonesia?

Indonesia is recognized as one of the nations that produce top-quality furniture. Indonesian furniture is well-regarded in the global market due to its exceptional quality and innovative designs, prompting buyers from around the world to import furniture from Indonesia. Many of these buyers are interested in creating unique pieces for personal use or, importantly, for business ventures. But what makes Indonesia the ideal choice?

Here are various reasons and advantages that establish Indonesia as a premier option for manufacturing high-caliber, custom-made furniture items.

Demographic composition

Indonesia holds a distinct advantage when it comes to human capital. With a population ranking as the world’s fourth-largest, the country boasted a population of nearly 278 million individuals in 2023. Within this populace, 70% falls within the productive age range of 15 to 64 years old. Additionally, Indonesia’s significantly lower labor costs in comparison to those in Europe have proven to be a key driver of economic advantages for international businesses. Currently, the average wages in Indonesia’s manufacturing sector stand at 2.900.000 IDR per month (equivalent to 194 USD per month).

As you may have gathered, these demographic compositions lead to the development of exceptionally competitive products.

Abundant raw materials

With approximately 70.000 square kilometers production forest, it’s easy to understand that there is a significant abundance of wood resources in the country. These forests present a wide array of wood types that are well-suited for crafting furniture. Off course, the diverse range of available raw materials allows for adjustments based on your budget constraints. Nonetheless, it remains imperative that your chosen manufacturer fully understands your specific requirements and quality expectations. This is crucial to prevent potential issues down the line.

Environmental consciousness

Numerous furniture manufacturers in Indonesia prioritize environmental considerations over mere profitability. This commitment is evident through certifications such as FSC and SVLK, which showcase their dedication to ecological preservation. Moreover, the manufacturing process itself plays a significant role in asserting its eco-friendliness. The materials utilized must not solely be natural but also cultivated and processed using organic methods. This encompasses the avoidance of endangered resources, the reduction of chemical utilization during production, and the assessment of the environmental impact linked to the transportation of raw materials and finished goods.

Procuring custom-made furniture from Indonesia

Whether you’re bringing your own design or selecting from ready stock items, purchasing furniture from Indonesia holds value. Indonesian furniture is celebrated for its quality and aesthetics. Ordering custom furniture from Indonesia may appear straightforward, yet it can be quite challenging. Finding a reputable supplier who comprehends and can fulfill your requirements isn’t as simple as it seems.

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